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Michael Elaschuk (Salesforce)

Executing the sales technique successfully to meet the goals is the most effective part of the sales plan. There are many of the techniques that could be used and be practiced by the small business owners and their sales staff in order to increase the sales target. The techniques which are used by the successful people in the sales market includes breaking the larger goals into the smaller targets, setting the activity goals of the month, concentrating on the customer service and pursuing sales lead.

Michael Elaschuk (Salesforce)

Handling the Sales Target

The foremost thing to handle the target is to remove the stress level of high sales by breaking down the yearly goals into quarterly, monthly and weekly goals. Once you have done this, you can now set the goals according to the week plans for the sales target. You have to challenge yourself, to meet the weekly goal of the sales target by posting the progress on the chart in staffroom or any other familiar place of the workers.

Set your Activity Goals

You have to adjust your activity goals according to the work you have done each week and by reviewing your work of the past week and then figuring out what things make your sales increase and what does not.

Providing a good Customer Service

For achieving perfect sales, you have to have a good customer service. Instead of focusing on your sales goals, concentrate on the customer’s service. The focus should be on the needs of the customers rather than the sales of the product.

Never accept the first “no”

So many people have lost their sales persistence due to this first “no”. Do not accept the “no” from the customer at the first. Stay fully engaged with them and persuades them to buy your product till the end until they say you “no thank you”.

Increase your average sale

A strategy that most of the companies use in order to increase their sales average is to give your customers something extra in your sales so that they urge to buy your product.

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